Ceramic Sculpture
            by Jennifer Kenworth (also known as Juanita)

While studying Ceramics at CCA, in Oakland, CA., Jennifer discovered that she likes to create life-sized sculptures out of clay. Inspired by the people she sees around her, Jennifer enjoys creating portraits in a range of sizes. She observes people and catches a glimpse of things often overlooked, anything from standing at a bus stop, to waiting in line at a store. She has fun reimagining these everyday, mundane activities and creating her portraits.

Life-size sculpture, 6' tall
Smaller Sculpture -10" tall
Wall Sculpture 8" tall

Rite-Aid Lady-2'x2'x6'
4'x2'x7', owned by Danielle Steel

Rite-Aid and College Girl(2'x2'x5.5')
Uncle Bob with Uncle Bob 2'x2'x7'

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